Chopping boards & knives
Big Fledge
Suggested retail price DKK 269.95 inc. VAT
Suggested retail price DKK 149.95 inc. VAT
Suggested retail price DKK 169.95 inc. VAT
Knibble Lite - Black
Suggested retail price DKK 79.95 inc. VAT
Set of fledge Black and grey
Suggested retail price DKK 399.95 inc. VAT
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Chopping boards & knives

Dreamfarm is a recognised Australian manufacturer of innovative kitchen tools that has won several awards for their unique designs. Dreamfarm chopping boards and knives are no exception. Created for more than just a single function, these products have a colourful design that is easily recognisable and highly visually appealing. We offer five products in this category, including the Fledge Black, available in a set of two, the Big Fledge and the Knibble - a versatile knife with many uses. The Knibble Lite Black is a smaller version of the Knibble and is also available for purchase. Whichever product you choose from this category, you can be sure it's high quality and will be a great addition to your kitchen.