Terms of sale & delivery


1. Application:

These terms of sale and delivery apply to any agreement between ametsis, cvr-nr. 30541359 and ametsis' business customers regarding the sale and delivery of kitchenware, bags, candles, etc. Applies to all purchases made at ametsis or via our webshop.

2. Basis of agreement:

Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, deliveries shall be made on the basis of the general terms of delivery below.

3. New customers:

All new customers of ametsis are subject to a credit check before the first order. All forms of credit are subject to prior approval by ametsis' accounting department regarding any credit insurance. The first 2 invoices must be paid in advance for subsequent credit of 14 days net.

4. Prices & shipping:

All prices on the webshop are stated in Danish kroner excluding VAT. Reservations are made for price changes. Discounts by agreement - gross prices are shown directly on the webshop and apply to whole packages as stated.

- Orders are normally delivered within 48 hours in Denmark

- Orders over DKK 3600,- are delivered free of charge in Denmark

- Orders under DKK 3600,- are subject to a shipping fee of DKK 125,-

- Pallets are normally delivered as one-off pallets. Invoiced at DKK 60,- per piece ex. VAT.

Postal packages are sent with GLS. For companies without normal opening hours, it is a requirement that you have a proxy agreement with GLS, otherwise we will charge a handling fee of DKK 125 for unsuccessful delivery. Alternatively, the package can be sent to a parcel shop.

5. Reservations:

ametsis makes reservations for errors (typos) and omissions in prices, descriptions and images as well as for sold-out items. ametsis has the full right to change prices and descriptions with 1 month's notice. Sold-out items will NOT be reshipped, but must be reordered. 6. Payment: All prices are net 14 days upon receipt of the goods, unless otherwise agreed. If the payment deadline is not met, a reminder will be sent subject to a fee of DKK 100 and interest of 2% per month or part thereof.

6. Payment:

All prices are net 14 days upon receipt of the goods, unless otherwise agreed. If the payment deadline is not met, a reminder will be sent subject to a fee of DKK 100 and interest of 2% per month or part thereof.

7. Retention of title:

In any case where any form of credit is granted, the sale shall be deemed to have been made subject to retention of title so that the delivery remains the property of ametsi until the entire purchase price plus accrued costs have been paid.

8. Complaints:

In B2B sales, there is no right of withdrawal. After the purchase is completed, it is considered an accepted agreement. A right of complaint is granted based on the applicable sales law. Complaints from private customers must be made through the dealer. It is the dealer's responsibility to complain about the product to ametsis. The right of complaint only covers material and manufacturing defects and not damage resulting from wear and tear, improper handling, lack of maintenance, etc. If a defect is found on the product, it must be documented to ametsis, possibly by email with an attached photo. Please contact ametsis' customer service by email: info@ametsis.dk

The following damages are not credited:

- Damage that has occurred during shipment to the consumer - it is expected that the goods are properly packed to avoid damage such as scratches and breakage. We expect the retailer to ship with padding in the box that goes between the products and between the products and the shipping box - e.g. bubble wrap, crumpled paper/foil or other material that forms a protective layer.

- Damage that has occurred during handling by the retailer - e.g. knife marks in lids after using a knife to open boxes, forklift strikes, water damage, etc.

- If the retailer believes there is a molding defect, the products must be returned to us in their original packaging (i.e. the entire package) before credit can be issued, as we must assess the claim and possibly send the products to the factory.

All packages we receive from our manufacturers are checked for breakage or damage, and in the same way, we expect retailers to check the goods before sending them to the end customer. This is how we achieve the most satisfied end customers.

9. Delivery time:

Delivery of orders shall be made within 48 hours from the time the order is received and registered by ametsis. ametsis assumes no liability for losses or costs incurred as a result of delayed delivery, unless otherwise expressly confirmed in writing by ametsis. When placing special orders, the buyer shall be obliged to receive the purchased goods up to 3 months after the agreed delivery time. Delivery time shall mean the time from the customer's acceptance of the order confirmation containing the specifications confirmed by ametsis until delivery takes place. If any specification on the order is changed in relation to the order confirmation, the delivery time shall be changed and a new delivery time shall be sent to the customer. Even if the object of sale is not a mass-produced item but a specially manufactured item, ametsis shall not be liable for delays without express written agreement.

10. Defects:

Complaints shall be made immediately upon receipt of the goods for visible defects and within 8 days after delivery for invisible defects. In the event of a timely complaint about defects, ametsis shall remedy the defect by delivery or a proportionate reduction. Any remedy of defects by a third party shall only take place after prior written acceptance by ametsis. ametsis shall not be liable for the buyer's operating loss, loss of profit or other indirect loss, including loss to third parties, in the event of delay or defects in the delivered goods.

11. Transport damage:

Upon receipt of the goods, the customer must check them for defects, deficiencies and damage. If there are visible defects, deficiencies or damage to the goods or suspicion thereof, a reservation is made on the consignment note, which is subsequently signed by the driver. A copy of the signed consignment note and an email with information about the damage, which goods and how many, is sent to ametsis immediately after the damage is discovered. If no reservations have been made on the consignment note, you lose the right to complain. Damaged goods may only be returned to ametsis after written agreement.

12. Product liability:

ametsis shall only be liable for damage caused by the goods sold if it can be proven that the damage is due to gross negligence on the part of ametsis. ametsis shall never be liable for operating loss, loss of profit or other indirect loss.

13. Return:

Any return of goods can only be made after prior agreement with ametsis. Goods not in stock may only be returned if there are defects in the delivered goods. Other goods may be returned by prior written agreement with ametsis against a deduction of 25% of the purchase price and the costs associated with the return shall be borne by the buyer. The same applies to post-claim shipments that are not redeemed.
All returns are at the buyer's expense and risk. If the goods are returned without prior agreement with ametsis, the goods will be returned to the buyer at the buyer's expense and risk.

14. Termination of the agreement:

Agreements shall terminate in all cases of the customer's cessation of business, suspension of payments, reconstruction or bankruptcy. ametsis reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement if the customer is acquired, transferred, merged or falls into arrears.

15. Confidentiality:

The customer shall not disclose, use or enable others to use ametsis' trade secrets or other information of any kind which is not in the public domain. This obligation shall apply during the parties' business relationship and indefinitely after termination of the business relationship, irrespective of the reason for termination.

16. Personal data:

In connection with the performance of tasks, ametsis receives personal data from the customer. The personal data is registered and stored by ametsis as part of the agreement to provide the agreed services. In the event that tasks are performed by another carrier ordered by ametsis, the customer's personal data will be transferred to the carrier to ensure correct delivery. For information on the processing of personal data, please refer to the personal data policy on ametsis' website:### In relation to external hauliers, personal data is also registered and stored to ensure correct payment and communication, among other things.

17. Force majeure:

In the event of strikes, lockouts or other forms of work stoppage at the suppliers, as well as war, blockade, quarantine, fire, ice, epidemics, piracy, traffic disruptions in general, accidents, breakdowns or other unforeseen causes that prevent or significantly impede the execution of the order or its transportation to the place of delivery, the supplier shall be free from liability for as long as the impediment persists.

18. Choice of law and jurisdiction:

Any disputes shall be settled in accordance with Danish law and at ametsis' domicile, which is the Court in Næstved.