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ametsis has been around since 2008, employs 18 people with its own warehouse in Næstved, and is jointly owned by Maja Larsen and Brian Hansen.

The company started when Brian accidentally discovered sistema while traveling. From then on, Maja and Brian worked to explore the possibility of bringing the product to the Danish market. Sistema was one of the first in the world to produce plastic products without BPA, but had a price point that was higher than competing products. However, Maja and Brian believed in the product so much that they founded the company High Trading and in 2008 bought a 20-foot container of Sistema products, which they stored in Brian's garage.

After a few tough years of selling to private customers, the first business customer showed up. This prompted a different business plan - to act as a distributor and only sell to retailers in Denmark. In 2012, High Trading became the official Scandinavian distributor and changed its name to sistema scandinavia. At the same time, the company moved to larger premises and out of Brian's garage.

Due to growth, the premises quickly became too small, and Maja and Brian bought a disused factory, which they renovated into offices and 13000 m2 of warehouse space. That same year, half of sistema scandinavia is sold to sistema in New Zealand. Not long after that, the manufacturer sistema was sold to Newell Brands, but sistema scandinavia was not part of the sale, so Maja and Brian bought the company back and continued as a distributor as before. The name of the company needed to be changed, so it was natural to call it ametsis, which is sistema spelled backwards. Today, the range includes not only sistema but also other household products.

August 2008

FIRST CONTAINER FROM SISTEMA High Trading is founded and the first 20-foot container arrives in August 2008 with Sistema resale products stored in Brian's garage.

February 2010

SUCCESS WITH SISTEMA PRODUCTS After a couple of tough years of sales to private individuals, the first Formland retail fair is held, which really gets the sales of Sistema products to Danish retailers off the ground.

March 2012

NAME CHANGE High Trading changes its name to Sistema Scandinavia and gains exclusive rights to sell Sistema throughout Scandinavia. The company moves to larger premises and warehouse facilities, and now only accepts 40-foot containers.

January 2015

OWN OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE The company buys a 13,000 m2 old factory and renovates it to create its own office and warehouse. Half of Sistema Scandinavia is sold to Sistema and becomes an integrated part of the manufacturer Sistema.

June 2016

SISTEMA SCANDINAVIA BECOMES AMETSIS The manufacturer sistema is sold to Newell Brands, where sistema scandinavia is not part of the deal. The company is bought back by Maja and Brian and becomes the Scandinavian distributor of sistema again. The new company name is chosen as ametsis, which is sistema spelled backwards.

August 2019

EXPANDING THE RANGE After the buyback opens up the opportunity to distribute and offer other products, Liv Wise, which is 100% Belgian, becomes part of the range with their delicious and functional products for the kitchen and bar.

September 2019

STASHER BAG PRODUCTS IN THE RANGE With a focus on less plastic pollution and a more sustainable world, Stasher Bag is now part of the range as a recyclable alternative to plastic bags.

October 2020

DREAMFARM PRODUCTS IN THE ASSORTMENT With a strong focus on quality, design and function, the business is expanding with a range of new and exciting products from the Australian brand Dreamfarm.

January 2023

NEW BRANDS COMING ON Again, we focus on quality and see a market for Contigo in the Nordics, along with great scents from Yankee Candle, we look forward to getting into a whole new gear with our partner.