Orlid Lite Open Stock CDU 24pcs.
Suggested retail price DKK 74.95 inc. VAT
Suggested retail price DKK 349.95 inc. VAT
Ortwo - Jar (1)
Suggested retail price DKK 69.95 inc. VAT
Ortwo Lite Basic Replacement Jar (Plastic)
Suggested retail price DKK 59.95 inc. VAT
Ortwo Lite Black
Suggested retail price DKK 219.95 inc. VAT
Ortwo Lite Black + Extra Jar Set
Suggested retail price DKK 239.95 inc. VAT
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Dreamfarm is an award-winning Australian design company that has created innovative kitchen tools in the spice category. These utensils are designed with multiple purposes in mind and are of high quality while maintaining a colourful and recognisable look. There are 11 different products in this category, including Garject in black and red, Garject Lite in black and red, Orlid Black Glass, Orlid Lite Open Stock CDU, Ortwo, Ortwo Replacement Jar Glass, Ortwo Lite in black and Ortwo Lite Basic Plastic Jar. These products are essential kitchen tools for any home chef who wants to add a little extra flavour to their dishes and make cooking more efficient.